Understanding the many challenges the wind energy industry must overcome to fulfill its potential, and how Wave Wind can help

Tim Laughlin, Co-founder and President


Tim Laughlin is co-founder and President of Wave Wind, LLC.

Laughlin is a veteran of the wind and construction industries. Prior to co-founding Wave Wind, Laughlin was a senior manager at a heavy crane construction company where he oversaw the construction of wind turbines for utility-scale wind projects. He also has significant experience planning and managing the transportation of wind turbine components from point of origin or port of entry to often inaccessible project sites.

As President of Wave Wind, Laughlin oversees all aspects of Wave Wind's operations, including project development and management, customer relations, and personnel management. He is also actively involved in promoting renewable energy and sustainability both personally and as a representative of Wave Wind.

Robert Heinemann, Co-Founder


Robert Heinemann is co-founder of Wave Wind, LLC.

Heinemann is a construction industry veteran and the owner of Wave Communications, Inc., a successful television, radio, and wireless tower construction firm. Heinemann has been with Wave Communications his entire professional career, during which he has overseen all aspects of the company's operations as well as its expansion into general contracting and building construction.

As co-founder of Wave Wind, Heinemann is actively involved in company planning and decision making. He also provides input on equipment purchasing and personnel management.